Hi Marko,

First off, sorry for the delay of reply of your previous question, I was on travel and I saw few people already replied so I didn't do it.

As for your suggestion, yes, it will be no problem, I think Vlad take cares of the Docker images. The resource are donated to the community, and the community can do whatever is required.


Kevin Zheng

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Hi Kevin,

On Mon, Nov 25, 2019 at 8:23 AM Zheng Zhenyu <zheng.zhenyu@outlook.com> wrote:
> Thanks alot for re quick response, the results looks cool. And Also, I noticed that the ARM job sometimes are slower than others in the fetch_tarball phase, this might due to that our machine is in China and the network connection is a little bit slow, I just got the info that our machine will be available in Singapore latter this month or ealier next month, maybe then we can then provide a machine with faster network which can speed up the jobs.

Related to this, I wonder if it would be possible to install a newer
operating system (or Docker image), such as CentOS 8 or Debian 10 or
the most recent Fedora.

What prompts me to ask is that I just noticed a compilation failure of
MariaDB 10.2 that might be addressed by upgrading to a newer compiler:

/buildbot/aarch64-centos-7/build/storage/innobase/row/row0log.cc: In
function 'dberr_t
trx_t*, dict_index_t*, row_merge_dup_t*)':
error: could not split insn

More information is available in
https://buildbot.mariadb.org/#/builders/33/builds/260 (including a
request to submit a compiler bug report).

I remember seeing that kind of an error for some 64-bit atomic
operation on a very old GCC targeting x86 (on CentOS 5 maybe?). While
we have older compilers than GCC 4.8.5 for other instruction set
architectures, I do not think that we run into internal compiler
errors very often.

On my AMD64 desktop, I am currently using GCC 9.2.1 and clang 9.0.0.
As a developer, I prefer to have the most recent versions of tools
whenever it is possible, for better diagnostics and possibly better

Best regards,

Marko Mäkelä, Lead Developer InnoDB
MariaDB Corporation