Speaking of this, it's really a shame that 10.6 LTS is not in Debian 12 repositories, because some of us still run 10.6 in production and it will be supported for 2 ½ years more according to MariaDB EOL policy.
This makes a mundane task like upgrading the operating system difficult as the only solution for now would be to deploy MariaDB in Docker (which brings up other issues) or compile MariaDB for Debian 12 ourselves...

Le mer. 29 nov. 2023 à 03:42, Otto Kekäläinen via discuss <discuss@lists.mariadb.org> a écrit :
> According to the documentation, when upgrading Galera clusters, skipping
> major versions is not supported.

What doc exactly are you referring to? I suspect it means skipping
*Galera* versions.

In my experience upgrading skipping the MariaDB 'innovation releases'
works just fine, so you can probably upgrade from MariaDB 10.6 to
10.11 directly.
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