On Wednesday 16 September 2020, andrei elkin wrote: 
> Martin, howdy.
> > Hi,
> >
> > I've got a bit of a different question regarding MariaDB replication.
> >
> > But first, let me say that I'm familiar with both master-master and
> > master-slave replication.
> >
> > What I'm after advice on is how to replicate tables from a number of single host instances of MariaDB
> > to a single HA pair of MariaDB servers (HA-1/HA-2) that have a VIP that moves between them.

> So these would be two slaves that alternate on actual connections with 'a
> number of single host instances' \footnote{
> If that's correct, naturally I am guessing the two slave also replicate to each
> other:

> Host -> Slave_HA-[12] -> Slave_HA-[21]


> >
> > One way of looking at this might be to say that the single host instances of MariaDB are satellite
> > servers that I need to pull table data back into a primary pair. Kind of like a backup.
> >
> > I've tried to think of how I could do this using what I know.
> >
> > Can I setup master-slave relationships and specify the source address on the slave (in this case the HA
> > pair)?


MASTER_BIND looks right except:
- it isn't supported on mariadb yet - https://jira.mariadb.org/browse/MDEV-19248 - ? 
- it binds to an interface name, not an IP address. VIPs often share a network interface, so being able to specify the IP# is important.

> > Are there other ways to solve this problems?

> I hope this reply helps.

Yes, it does, thanks. Every idea/suggestion helps.

Another alternative I started looking at was if there was an equivalent of pg_chameleon (https://pgchameleon.org/) which allows for MySQL -> postgres replication. The theory here being that if that kind of replication is supported (replication is independent of what's configured in my.cnf and doesn't use 'CHANGE MASTER') then that would allow using a VIP too. Here the replication is initiated by the master and not the slave?