The only way I can think of to achieve this is to create a separate schema and use triggers that selectively copy only the records you want into this new schema and replicate only this new schema. You will have to use binlog_format=ROW.

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Hi Everyone,

I hope someone can guide me. 
here is my issue
I have a central database that is running in my back office and each of my front end machines have a database that is used just for the front end. 

most of the data that is stored in the back office is not needed on the front end but the product table is. 

the product table hold more information then what is needed on the front end (the front end system does not need to know who the supplier is of the item for example)
so I have the following feilds on the front end database (called posdatabase)

both database are using the same field names 
is it possible to use replication on select Feilds on the master to the slave? I have seen on YouTube lots of videos showing replication of every table and field in a database but I don't need that)

what I want to do is that possible?
Thank you for your time with this matter

Andrew Gable
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