Hi MariaDB,

Thanks for the greate unconference in Shanghai this week, it is a really useful event for MariaDB newbie like me.

We have mentioned that we are willing to donate some ARM resource to the fundation for  ARM testing and other purpose in the future.
And I have done donated one for POC on 20th Nov, and I can now see a new builder(worker) on:
https://buildbot.mariadb.org/#/builders named as ``aarch-fedora-30``, and the version is 2019.11.20, so I guess this could be running on
server that I've donated? And seems it is successfully running for few rounds.

So I have some questions about the Aarch64 CI:
  1. So the jobs are running through docker, so jobs for different OS could be run on this host, right? Is it possible to also enable a CentOS7 job now?
  2. As I mentioned in the unconference, we will have an OpenSource OS released soon, and we are looking for possiblities to also make it tested
    in the upstream, If the answer to the first question is True, we will have to prepare a base docker image for our OS, right?
  3. I saw that there is a sponsors site for buildbot: https://buildbot.mariadb.org/#/sponsor , are we able to be on that page too?

Kevin Zheng