I just released DrizzleJDBC 1.2

DrizzleJDBC is a BSD licensed JDBC driver for MySQL/MariaDB/Drizzle

It is in maven central:

- IPv6 support, enclose the IP in brackets, [::1] (https://github.com/krummas/DrizzleJDBC/issues/10)
- Correct behavior if getInt on larger than MAXINT values (https://github.com/krummas/DrizzleJDBC/issues/9)
- Fix ssl support, was not possible to close connection (https://github.com/krummas/DrizzleJDBC/issues/8)
- Support InputStream in LOAD DATA INFILE (https://github.com/krummas/DrizzleJDBC/issues/7)
- support getting columns using <table>.<column> (https://github.com/krummas/DrizzleJDBC/issues/6)
- use single quotes (https://github.com/krummas/DrizzleJDBC/pull/5)
- clean up unicode support (https://github.com/krummas/DrizzleJDBC/pull/4)
- Fix NPE bug when timestamp is null, patch by Tim Rickettsl on launchpad
- set FOUND ROWS by default (https://github.com/krummas/DrizzleJDBC/issues/2)

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