I've got a bit of a different question regarding MariaDB replication.

But first, let me say that I'm familiar with both master-master and master-slave replication.

What I'm after advice on is how to replicate tables from a number of single host instances of MariaDB to a single HA pair of MariaDB servers (HA-1/HA-2) that have a VIP that moves between them.

One way of looking at this might be to say that the single host instances of MariaDB are satellite servers that I need to pull table data back into a primary pair. Kind of like a backup.

I've tried to think of how I could do this using what I know.

Can I setup master-slave relationships and specify the source address on the slave (in this case the HA pair)? The idea is that the replication would fail from HA-1 when the VIP is on HA-2. In this case the single-host masters would only allow replication connections from the VIP. Or the connection out from the slave to the master would fail to bind to the VIP (and thus fail to connect to the master) if the VIP was not on a local interface.

Of course I want both servers (HA-1/HA-2) in the redundant pool to be able to serve queries, so I'm not too keen on setting the bind address in [mysqld] to be the VIP and using net.ipv4.ip_nonlocal_bind - but I could be open to that.

Is it possible to specify a bind address for replication that is separate to that used in [msyqld]?

Are there other ways to solve this problems?