Hey there again.  So, I just today considered turning off PAM, largely to not have to deal with the setuid auth_pam_tool.  We’re not going to be using pam, just internal accounts, so.


I added -DPLUGIN_AUTH_PAM=NO and -DPLUGIN_AUTH_PAM_V1=NO to my build options, the same way I had turned off various other plugins I don’t need.  But, when running cmake, I now see:


CMake Error at cmake/plugin.cmake:283 (MESSAGE):                         

  Plugin AUTH_PAM cannot be built                                      

Call Stack (most recent call first):                                            

  CMakeLists.txt:413 (CONFIGURE_PLUGINS)                                    


I looked in CMakeOutput.log and CMakeError.log but don’t see anything that looks like related errors.  And, I asked it not to build AUTH_PAM plugin, so it complaining that it can’t seems unusual.


What did I miss?


- Chris