We are on MariaDB 10.5.18.  There is a requirement to send all syslog data to a central syslog server.  In the past, we did it using a login called ITS_READ.  It has limited privs on purpose, but used to be able to execute the SET GLOBAL statements that we needed.  Those statements are:


SET GLOBAL server_audit_output_type=SYSLOG;

SET GLOBAL server_audit_logging=1;

SET GLOBAL server_audit_syslog_facility=LOG_LOCAL2;

SET GLOBAL server_audit_events="connect,table,query_ddl,query_dcl";


Now, it doesn’t have the privs needed to do that.  In looking online, I found that there is a “new” privilege (in MySQL 8), called system_variables_admin that allows the user to execute SET GLOBAL statements.  However, when I try to grant that privilege, I get an error:


MariaDB [(none)]> grant system_variables_admin to 'ITS_READ'@'localhost';

ERROR 1959 (OP000): Invalid role specification `system_variables_admin`


It seems that the only other option is to grant the SUPER privilege, which we don’t want to do.


How do I get around this, or do I just tell the sysadmins they can’t have the syslog data?


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