Hi there,

It seems 10.2.6 is still shipping with TokuDB from PS 5.6.35-80 (Feb 8th 2017).  I can't see a jira issue for a 10.2 merge since 10.2.4.  Perhaps intentional to help stabilise 10.2 for release?

10.0.30 also shipped with the same Feb version (in March).
10.1.23 however was released in May and still has this version from Feb, which seems unfortunate, but I know it's because it has to flow through 10.0 first.

I see 10.0.31 is due to get TokuDB from PS 5.6.36-82
And that should flow into 10.1.24 soon too.
However, 10.2.7 isn't due until July, so by then TokuDB version will be 5 months old in 10.2

I'm waiting on a fairly important row count fix that should appear in the next Percona Server release.

When it does, if the current merging strategy continues, do I have to first wait for 10.0.32 to get it in late July, then 10.1.26 in August, then 10.2 after that?

Or with 10.0, 10.1 and 10.2 all being supported and needing merges, is there a new strategy on the cards to shorten this lag?